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YouCricketer hires top notch SEO/SMO experts to keep the runs ticking

Released On : Mar 03, 2015


Youcricketer is pleased to have hired a team of top notch SEO and SMO professionals. The special team hired for Social Media Promotion is working leaps and bounds to make it possible for Cricket buffs to have all the information about the World Cup delivered to their social media feeds.


Adelaide, 4th March, 2015: Cricket’s mega event (ICC World Cup 2015) is in progress jointly in Australia and New Zealand. When each nation is performing to its potential, cricket lovers should have an up-to-date information of their nation’s performance on their mobile devices no matter where they are.

To ensure the same, your favorite online portal, YouCricketer has hired a team of dedicated SEO and SMO professionals to make sure all the information about the world cup reaches the social media platforms and finally every cricket buffs mobile device.

These professionals working on Social Media promotion were put on rolls back in December 2014. In the last couple of months, the team has been constant in its efforts, owning to which the YouCricketer community has grown manifold and the social media networks have been flooded with all the information building up to the World Cup.

Now, that the world cup is underway, the team is rigorously working on social media networks around the clock to make sure all the fans and enthusiasts, who cannot be at ground zero, can have the access to scores, player stats, match performances, off field gossips and much more, straight in their social media feeds, as and how it happens. This is reached on social media platforms much faster than the information actually reaches media houses, and this pace of dissemination of information is made possible by the dedicated, consistent and hardworking digital media experts.

ICC world cup is not the same event that it was, maybe in 2011. Today, there are so many features being introduced both online and in electronic space. There are so many talk shows and expert opinions being aired. In this space, the social media marketing experts have found a niche for themselves and are making sure even those cricket fans who cannot watch TV or cannot remain online on different sports websites airing the tournament, can have the information about their teams and their performances delivered to them through social media.

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