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SEO and SMO experts keeping social world educated with World Cup updates

Released On : Feb 20, 2015


Social media experts and search engine optimizers around the globe are actively participating on Social media networks. The experts are updating live Cricket World Cup scores and match updates to keep every user informed.


Adelaide, 21st February, 2015: In the World Cups prior to the one underway in Australia and New Zealand, the world of cricket remained gripped to the TV screens. Come 2015, the scenario has changed. Thanks to the SEO and SMO experts, who are updating the social media networks with live match updates and scores, each ardent fan gets his share of information on match day, on the move or at work.

Most industry pundits would believe SEO and SMO experts only develop promotional content for increasing visibility and marketing their websites. But the involvement these experts are showing in dissemination of information through frequent updates about latest trending news updates and scores from the World Cup on all social media networks has proven that such experts can help in information propagation most extensively.

In their new roll, the digital marketing experts have been seen participating extensively on social media networks to ensure each and every bit of information reaches the fans. The experts have been updating match scores after every 10 overs across all networks.

It has also been seen that the digital marketers are spreading pre match analysis and other team analysis by experts on their social media profiles, which is making more and more people involved in this information to be more informed on how the teams are poised before the take to the field.

The world of cricket isn’t the same anymore. While there are more and more features, analysis and talk shows being introduced by various TV channels covering the world cup; the informational videos circulating around the social media networks is beyond words. Record breaking videos from the world cup games and outside the field are being shared on social media by digital marketers, which is gripping the fans predominantly. To keep the fans gripped, the marketers are also promoting various blogging contests across social media and other conversational platforms on the web space. 


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