Press Release Detail site is now Fluid/Responsive

Released On : Aug 05, 2016



The Management & Development team at are pleased to inform the launching of the fluid/responsive site. Meaning that site layout/pages will adjust automatically to any mobile devices along with all features functionally working on mobile devices. The site is not fully fluid/responsive on Iphone, Android phones, Ipad, Android tablets, Mac's and PC's. Please share this news with your fellow friends. ABOUT YOUCRICKETER.COM Youcricketer is a social Media for anyone related to cricket in whatever capacity to create their profiles to show case their skills and connect with clubs, league, cricket boards and other entities for any cricket related opportunities all over the world. Besides Socials Media it is also has a built in feature for entire league management with state of the art scoring features controlled by scores permissions set by league Admin. Clubs and leagues not longer have to spend thousands in creating their own website and its yearly costly maintenance as the club and league account has the layout and all features that any club or league websites will have. And the icing on the cake is that it is all free to use.

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