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If you are someone who is just beginning to play cricket, but you are unaware of where to start, your first common query would be that I want to find a cricket club that I can play for. If this is your concern, this article will help.

With the advent of IPL, Big Bash, BPL, PSL and CPL cricket has been running in top gear and becoming professsional and Lucarative where thousands of people are getting financial benefits in terms of salaries and not just the players alone. We will here, therefore try and focus on the format of T20 cricket and how you can be that player who can be part of one of the clubs someday of these premier leagues.

What you have to do right

  • Primarily, to be able to play for a club team, you need to have the talent to be there. You need to have consistent training and practice and you need to be available for club or team trials as and when necessary.
  • You need to be frequently playing for your school team, college, university or the state team (depending on the age and slot availability). Since, most of the selectors will pick a talent from one of these teams.
  • You must be in constant touch with senior players and coaches to ensure you are always informed of when the trials are taking place for a particular team.

How to join a club

Having done the basics correct, and represented at the highest level of domestic cricket (irrespective of the country) you will be in a position where you will be able to back yourself to be a player worthy a club team.

With cricket flowing in the streams of more nations (outside the preview of test playing nations) there are so many opportunities for young cricketers. But, what to do with all the skills that you have hone when there is no perfect place to showcase or advertise yourself. This is where comes and bridges the gap by providing free platform to the players to register themselves and maintain their profile with their skills, affiliations, domestic and International availability, pcitures and videos and to connect with other players, clubs, Leagues, boards to find opportunities globally.

There are so many clubs in so many countries, each of them have their own websites. A player can reach the club though the website (email or call) and see if you can join or have a trial scheduled with them.

About Youcricketer

Youcricketer is a Global Social Media Serivce platform where you can find number of clubs of different countries. If you are interested to join clubs you can find the details of various clubs around the world by visiting and registering as an Individual Player and contacting those clubs. is completely free to join and also has free online scoring module for Leagues, Association and cricket boards.


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